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Standard parts directly from the manufacturer

Are you looking for a reliable supplier for the standard parts you need? With more than 130,000 items in stock, we are your contact for high-quality screws and precision parts of all kinds. Not least because we always have large quantities of frequently required components such as feather keys, threaded rods, parallel pins or disc springs in stock, we can offer you almost 100 guarantee percent security of supply. If you wish, we can also offer you first-class services in the areas of assortment and assembly.

Disc springs, parallel pins, parallel keys, etc.

Our well-stocked range also ensures that you don’t just get conventional standard parts such as steel straight pins or stainless steel disc springs. At “alstertaler schrauben” you will also find items that are not available “everywhere” – e.g. B. made of brass, aluminum, copper, titanium and Hastelloy as well as plastic.

What can we do for you? Tell us your requirement – we will implement it with our experience and expertise. See for yourself our comprehensive product range below!

Common areas of application for waisted studs

Due to their technical specifications, waisted studs are used wherever strong temperature fluctuations and thermal expansion are commonplace. A classic area of use is in engine and general mechanical engineering, where suitable screws are indispensable. In internal combustion engines of motor vehicles, for example, the special screws are used to fasten cylinder heads. They ensure that the cylinder head gasket is compressed sufficiently strongly at all temperatures that occur during normal operation and the resulting thermal expansion of the cylinder head and can therefore fulfill its function at all times.

Standard parts & more: What does our stock program offer?

The alstertaler stock program includes both standardized and non-standardized parts for many different areas of application. Find out about our range and download our current product catalogs to find out more about the individual items, available materials and further details. And if you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer them.

Can the standard parts be put together to form assortments?

Would you like to order a specific quantity of different standard parts for your own company warehouse, for use in the field, for resale in your specialist store, online shop or other areas of use? We will be happy to put together the required elements such as screws, dowel pins, disc springs, dowels, Ensat bushings and many other items to form complete ranges. We deliver as ordered in bags, boxes, blisters or in assortment boxes, optionally with or without barcodes. The associated packing work is carried out entirely according to your wishes. Please contact us for detailed advice on this topic.

What are standard parts?

These are components from different areas (e.g. technology, construction, electrical or mechanical engineering). All characteristics of these parts are specified in a standard. Standard parts in the form of screws, sleeves, clamps or other pieces are marked on the packaging with the abbreviation DIN (German Institute for Standardization) and an assigned code number. This means that the institute’s requirements are fully met. The standardization is based on repeatedly confirmed findings that the product works best in this form and condition and achieves the best possible result for its intended use. In addition to the DIN marking, there is also the European standard (EN) and the international organization (ISO), which certify continental and global standards.

We provide you with numerous standard parts in various variations, such as parallel pins and disc springs made of steel or stainless steel. We also offer you numerous other components, including feather keys or threaded rods. Just talk to us.

Screws, nuts & accessories

  • is available from DIN 1 to DIN 80705
  • Warehousing exists from M 1 to M 120 – it includes:
  • Fastening technology, screwing technology, drilling technology, blind riveting technology, ISO standardized articles

Non-standard accessories

  • Decorative caps
  • Combination seals
  • Joint washers
  • Washers with large outside diameter
  • Dubo / Schnorr fuses

You can find washers, feather keys, disc springs and parallel pins in the product catalog (see below)

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Do you need a personal offer? You can send us a message right here. Also attach the appropriate technical drawing to your message. So we can put together the right offer for you.

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    Why are standard parts so practical?

    Standardization makes it possible to ensure that the individual components are interchangeable in their respective sizes. This offers some flexibility and easy replacement with alternatives if parts are damaged or lost.

    What advantages does alstertaler schrauben offer in relation to standard parts?

    If you order your standard parts from us and want to receive all the associated work from a single source, we are also the right contact for you. We already carry out professional assembly work for many customers using our screws, nuts, washers and other connecting elements. You can always rely on our expert employees and the modern technical equipment of our company. Due to our own fixture construction, we offer you affordable options for assembly of all kinds. Contact us to find out more – we will be happy to make you a non-binding offer.

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