Hot forming

High flexibility for small quantities

Hot forming of screws

In addition to cold forming, hot forming of screws is the most important non-cutting manufacturing process. The metal is processed above the recrystallization temperature, which allows more freedom in the shape of the screw. We at alstertaler schrauben heat-form standard and special screws for you, which are particularly suitable for small quantities and offer you an attractive price-performance ratio.

How exactly is the hot forming of screws carried out?

During hot forming, the metal is forged in several stages, which can be shaped easily and in a variety of ways thanks to the strong heating.

Relaxation phases ensure that the material is temporarily strengthened, which in the next step is brought closer to the desired target shape. The forging temperature depends largely on the material. For the final production, tension processes such as turning or thread cutting using rolling machines are common.

Hot forming is established throughout the industry for small to medium quantities; M200 is a common upper limit for diameter.

During the hot forming of screws, not the entire work part is heated, but only the areas to be machined.

This ensures almost unlimited freedom, especially with the head shape of the screw, which is the most important advantage of hot forming.

What properties does thermoforming provide?

The biggest advantage of thermoforming lies in the shape and dimensions of the finished screws and other fasteners. Special screws are particularly often hot-formed in order to achieve a unique screw head suitable for your intended use.

Due to the somewhat more complex and specialized process, hot forming is less suitable for larger quantities.

Compared to cold forming, the result of hot forming is not quite as stable in its crystalline structure. After processing above the recrystallization temperature, the surface also appears rough and less attractive than with cold-formed screws.

The same applies to the dimensional tolerance, which you should take into account when planning before forming special screws. Based on an available technical drawing, our experts at alstertaler schrauben can quickly tell you which variance you should take into account.

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