Cold forming

Cold forming of screws: wide range in highest precision

Cold forming of screws

In addition to milling screws, non-cutting forming is the most important manufacturing process. alstertaler implements these with extensive experience in cold and hot forming and guarantees you screws as quality products with the highest precision. As cold extruded parts, screws can be produced quickly and easily in large quantities with little material loss. Find out more about cold forming screws and other parts of our range below.

What makes the cold forming of screws special?

The cold forming of screws takes place as upsetting in several steps. With each compression step there is a larger offset in the crystalline lattice of the metallic raw material. As a result, greater force must be used for compression in the following step, which contributes to greater stability and strength of the entire screw.

After the screws have been cold formed by our presses, they are calibrated and then rolled off using our thread rollers. The result is screws that are characterized by extremely high material stability and precision in all dimensions. The process is suitable for the production of common screws in accordance with the DIN standard as well as special screws according to our customers’ ideas.

Why trust in alstertaler for cold formed parts?

As a traditional company, alstertaler has relied on cold forming and other established processes for screw production for many years. We are real specialists and implement various formats for you, from flat and round head screws to combination screws, safely and precisely according to customer specifications. Whether based on a well-founded description or available technical drawings, we produce cold extruded parts made to measure for you – promptly and under fair conditions.

The high strength, the very gentle processing of the metal and the low material loss are significant advantages if you have screws manufactured using cold forming. In addition to professional implementation, we would be happy to advise you on whether the process is suitable for your individual purposes or what alternatives we have available to cold solid forming. This gives you the security of receiving optimal quality for special screws, nuts and other work parts.

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    What processes are possible in addition to cold forming?

    With hot forming, alstertaler implements the second, important process for non-cutting forming for you. During this process, you enjoy the main advantages of the high flexibility and formability of the screws and other work parts. This alternative to cold forming is ideal if you want to produce metal parts in less common formats. When tight dimensional tolerances and surface quality are important, cold forming for screws is preferred.

    We produce bolts, rings and other work parts as classic milled and turned parts using our CNC machines. Simply let our product catalog inspire you to find out which screws and other fasteners are suitable for your work purposes. With our help, there may be an opportunity to make your production more efficient in the future through alternative manufacturing processes such as cold forming of screws.

    Bolzen, Ringe und Drehteile
    Bolts, rings and turned parts

    Warum Stockschrauben verwenden?

    Kaltumformung für Schrauben
    Cold forming for screws

    Questions about cold forming of screws? Contact us!

    Would you like a personal offer so that you can soon rely on cold forming of screws for the production of your products? Do you have general questions about these and other procedures, and would you like additional information? Get in touch with alstertaler and talk to us about cold formed parts and more.

    For specific offers for cold forming screws, it is best to send a technical drawing directly with your inquiry. In this way, we can show you specifically how cold forming of screws is worthwhile for you!