Automatic turned parts & special turned parts

CNC production of small, medium and large series

Machine turned parts from the alstertaler machine turning shop

We are your reliable partner for the production of turned parts and, in addition to our comprehensive product range of standardized and non-standardized connecting elements, we offer you a large selection of various special or drawing parts. This primarily includes machine-turned parts, deep-drawn parts as well as pressed and bent parts. Also dedicated screws and special screws.

Automatic turned parts according to customer drawings

As an automatic turning shop, thanks to modern CNC production, we can offer you all the automatic turned parts you need in small, medium and large series. The materials available for production that we can offer you as a manufacturer of automatic turned parts are just as diverse as the products available.

This is what our automatic turned parts production offers you

  • Special turned and milled parts, stamped and pressed parts, bent, cast, deep-drawn parts, etc. m.
  • Automatic turned parts etc. manufactured using modern CNC machines
  • from micro to macro, in small, medium and large series
  • made from any desired material, e.g. B. also titanium, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, tantalum
  • ground & polished upon request
  • with heat treatment
  • Pressed parts etc. with any desired surface finish
  • with TÜV approval, Lloyd’s register, DNV etc.

Whether manufacturing, assortment, logistics or assembly: rely on the all-round service from alstertaler! With over 45 years of experience, we are the perfect, reliable and flexible partner for you, who can also produce complex turned parts for you in our automatic turning shop.

As a special service, the alstertaler automatic turning shop also offers the storage of special and drawing parts

At alstertaler schrauben we not only keep frequently needed products and standard parts in stock, but also various special parts. We always have a variety of high-quality automatic turned parts and other products available for you on demand. Not only do you save money through blanket orders, but you also benefit from the permanent availability of your parts.

If you wish, we can also take care of all the logistics for you. We will actively let you know when you need to order automated turned parts, pressed parts, etc. again so that you can focus on your core business.

What advantages does our automatic turning shop offer you?

  • Permanent availability of your special turned parts and other items, no delivery times
  • no binding of your valuable storage capacity for special/drawing parts
  • secured parts management, i.e. H. Timely reporting of the minimum stock or order stock

What are automatic turned parts?

Automatic turned parts are rotationally symmetrical components made of machinable materials such as metal or plastic. The production of automatic turned parts is usually done on a lathe (often a CNC lathe) and therefore they are also referred to as CNC turned parts or special turned parts.

Compared to machining with a manual lathe, automatic turned parts can be produced automatically. The individual production steps can be programmed in advance and then carried out piece by piece by the CNC-controlled machine.

Tool changes can also be carried out automatically. Especially when special parts have to be manufactured with consistent quality and in large series, machining by an automatic lathe is the optimal manufacturing solution – it meets all the requirements of the DIN and ISO standards.

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