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Expansion Bolts & Nuts

according to DIN 2510

Expansion bolts & nuts according to DIN 2510 at alstertaler

In the wide range of goods of alstertaler schrauben & präzisionsteile lothar mewes gmbh you will find high-quality threaded bolts with expansion shank according to DIN 2510 as well as corresponding hexagon nuts and cap nuts. The expansion bolts and nuts are available in steels according to DIN 17240, 267-13 and 29 as well as stainless steels according to DIN 17440, 267-13 and 29. Contact us with any questions – we are happy to advise you

Expansion bolts: structure and special features

Compared to conventional variants, expansion bolts are generally designed to be noticeably elastic and stretchable. That’s the reason their traction hardly changes when the joint settles over time. Occurring alternating loads cause the bolt to continue to expand or contract without overstretching, cracking or loosening. Anti-rotation is not necessary. Compared to standard bolts, expansion bolts therefore have a longer shank which is also slimmer than the thread. This shank gives the bolts the required resilient properties and makes them insensitive to temperature changes and other influences.

Common application areas for expansion bolts

Due to their technical specifications, expansion bolts are used wherever strong temperature fluctuations and thermal expansion occur. A classic area of application: engine construction and general mechanical engineering where suitable bolts are indispensable. For example, expansion bolts are used to fasten cylinder heads in internal combustion engines of motor vehicles. They ensure that the cylinder-head gasket is sufficiently compressed at all temperatures encountered during normal operation and the resulting thermal expansion of the cylinder head. Thus, the cylinder-head is able to fulfill its function at all times.

Expansion bolts: our range of shapes

You can obtain expansion bolts and corresponding nuts according to DIN 2510 in numerous different designs:

DIN 2510 Form L
DIN 2510 Form L
DIN 2510 Form HP
DIN 2510 Form HP
DIN 2510 Form HS
DIN 2510 Form HS
DIN 2510 Form KU
DIN 2510 Form L
DIN 2510 Form AF
DIN 2510 Form AF
DIN 2510 Form NF
DIN 2510 Form NF

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    • DIN 2510 Form L
    • DIN 2510 Form Z
    • DIN 2510 Form K
    • DIN 2510 Form KU
    • DIN 2510 Form ZU
    • DIN 2510 Form HR
    • DIN 2510 HS
    • DIN 2510 HP
    • DIN 2510 HQ
    • DIN 2510 GR
    • DIN 2510 GS
    • DIN 2510 GP
    • DIN 2510 GQ


    • DIN 2510 NF
    • DIN 2510 AF
    • DIN 2510 BF
    • DIN 2510 AFO
    • DIN 2510 BFO


    • DIN 2510 Form D
    • DIN 2510 Form E

    High-quality materials for best product quality

    Below you will find an overview of the materials from which our expansion bolts are manufactured:

    1.4923 1.4404 1.4541 
    1.5680 1.4541 1.4571 
    1.7218 1.4571 1.5680 
    1.7225 1.4980 1.6909 
    1.7709 1.4986 1.7218

    Acceptance test certificate according to EN 10204 and other standards:

    • Acceptance test certificate 2.1; 2.2; 3.1 (formerly 3.1.B)
    • Acceptance test certificate 3.2 (formerly 3.1A/3.1C), by corresponding classification societies
    • CoC; MTR; CMTR

    Possible areas of application:

    • petrochemistry/chemistry
    • turbine construction
    • plant engineering
    • OEM


    • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
    • DIN EN 9100:2018
    • DGRL (PED) 2014/68/EU
    • AD 2000-W0/TRD100
    • VdTÜV-Blatt 1253-1/2/4
    • KTA 1401 + AVS D100/50 (Nuklear)
    • KTA 3201.1 (Nuklear)
    • IAEA 50-C-Q (Nuklear)
    • DNV/GL approved manufacturer
    • Bureau Veritas approved manufacturer
    • ASME III, NCA 3800 (customer authorisation)

    Do you have any questions about our services? We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on our range of expansion bolts. Simply contact us by phone or e-mail – we are looking forward to your inquiry!