Standard Parts

Services of alstertaler

With more than 130,000 stocked articles, we offer you almost 100% security of supply. Our extensive range of services is enhanced by further profiles.

Our warehouse programme encompasses:

  • Screws, nuts and accessories from DIN 1 to DIN 80705
  • Maintaining stock from M 1 to M 120

Fastening technology, screw technology, drilling technology, blind rivet technology,  
ISO standard items

Non-standard screws, e.g.

  • self-drilling tapping screws for windows
  • ABC-Spax
  • slotted cup-head bolts
  • screw eyelets, screw hooks
  • hanger bolts
  • T-head screws / HALFEN bolts

Non-standard nuts and threaded inserts, e.g.:

  • connection sleeves
  • trapezoidal thread nuts
  • Thermag nuts
  • Rivet nuts
  • Amecoil or Ensat threaded inserts

Non-standard accessories, e.g.

  • caps
  • combi-seals
  • washers for bolts
  • washers with large outside diameter
  • Amecoil or Ensat threaded inserts
  • Dubo washers and Schnorr locking washer